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Spring Campaign 2022

Tzighe was barely 20 years of age when her home in Eritrea was barraged by the Ethiopian military - killing her husband and leaving Tzighe and her infant daughter behind. Desperate, Tzighe took what she thought was a good job offer to work in Los Angeles. For the next three years, she was forced to work without pay, forbidden to talk with her family back home, and feared for her life. When Tzighe escaped in the early morning, she ran for hours, not knowing where to go and unable to ask anyone for help. Hungry and destitute, Tzighe was brought to Cast by a stranger who found her crying in a park.

Tzighe is one of many survivors who are trafficked because of the vulnerabilities that armed conflict creates, whether that be in the Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, South Sudan, the Philippines, Myanmar, Syria, Nigeria, and more.

Cast sees the result of wars around the world here at home, where we help survivors escape and provide essential services like emergency housing, legal aid, health care, and counseling. Our numbers of urgent human traffcking cases have hit an all-time high, and more victims in neighborhoods across Los Angeles are in need of our emergency help to escape.
If you don’t support this vital work, who will?

At this critical moment, we are asking you to stand with us to support survivors by making a donation to Cast.

Cast would be honored to be included in your estate plans, a gift from your donor-advised fund, or a gift of stock. Please contact the Office of the CEO at [email protected] or call 213.365.0887.

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